Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Intention

ze office

Yesterday there was no day job to rush out the door to.  There was a slow padding across the house in socks to my new office.

This weekend, I transformed the dining room into my home office.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  It’s not much — nothing purchased, just the dining roon table, slightly askew, so I face inward, my back to the window.  One chair recruited as my office chair, a few things moved in from other rooms.  Not much, but it feels different.  As Luxuriating points out, it’s all about the intention.  I have a new place to go to in the morning, even if it’s only a few feet from my bed.  There are new routines — they may become rituals — that are falling into place: get dressed, morning tea, light a candle, answer emails, work down the to do list.  As things settle, there will be days for paperwork, days for errands, and things will take on a rhythm.  For now, all is chaos and new and odd and babysteps.  This feels good.  This feels right.  And that is the intention.

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