B.I.T.E.: Weekend Pleasures

orange you glad

My day job ended Friday.  It felt kinda surreal, like graduation.  The Ram made margaritas.  Cheap date that I am, I had to walk around for a while before I could safely get into my car.

sweet reflections

Later there were more margaritas and a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery.  Chocolate cupcake?  Meh.  Ceiling tiles?  AWE-some.

the moat

Rain had a Halloween party for Model Child.  This was the giant puddle between Rain’s house and me.  Luckily, there’s a back way in.

Beware All Ye Who Dare Enter Here

One Fat Tire later, I went to Bneato‘s Butt Kicking Organizing Boot Camp.  She’s itching to get her hands on my scary closet.  I’ve warned her.

Lakers, Up Close

Sunday nite, the Lakers.  Fifth row.  Good way to end the weekend.

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