B.I.T.E.: Weekend Pleasures


Friday night I went to a gallery opening in a clothing store.  Even saying that sounds kinda cool and arty.  Bonus points: the photographs were really good.

A drummer's hands

There was a food truck and free, good beer.  Is there any event in Los Angeles now that doesn’t have a food truck?

old school italiano

Afterwards, we went to at an old school Italian restaurant.  Somebody at our table was having a birthday in two days so we surprised him with a cake and a candle and all the waiters singing Happy Birthday. This is the kind of place that almost demands this.


I sat at the kid’s playground for an hour waiting for Bird and Tweet.  Kids are so much fun to watch.  Sometimes you can tell exactly what they’ll be like as adults.

bathroom with white walls

I’m loving the white walls in my bathroom, very Zen and modern and clean…

hole in the ceiling where the lamp goes

…but this is scaring me.  I want a hanging lamp there.   But, if it’s gonna get hung, I’m going to have to do it.  Uh-oh.

bedside lamp

Rose and I went to the movies.  Then it started raining and the sky got really dark.  I got into bed early to read.  I’ve got three books going because sometimes I have to stop when I get to the nail biting moments.

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