If I Had A Million Dollars: Lofts

Loft-y...and big enough to roller skate in

Wouldn’t it be cool to live in a loft downtown?

Any downtown.  LA, NY, London or Paris. A big warehouse, a ginormous rundown space with the raw unfinished bones showing, a used-to-be-used-for-manufacturing space.  A fringe neighborhood that’s still precarious and a little dirty. A bodega around the corner for buying toilet paper and milk. A seedy bar within walking distance. A really cool restaurant a few blocks away. You know the owner.

Inside: a big open kitchen and a big dining table with a live edge table top, for big dinner parties. A spare and eclectic mix of furniture — antique and modern and exotic. A ping pong table or a pool table…or both! No real rooms. A brick wall. Big bonus: a manufacturing elevator, big enough to hold the car, so you could drive the car into the elevator and park the car right inside the loft.  

Unfortunately, most of what passes for a loft these days just…isn’t.  A loft should be…well…lofty.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Image: DesignSigh. Oddly enough, the SoHo loft in this picture is in the same building as the loft that inspired this dream. Only there was no pool table. But they could drive the motorcycle into the elevator, take it upstairs, and park it by the front door.

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