B.I.T.E.: Weekend Pleasures


Dinner alone

A grey and rainy weekend here, what the English call mizzle.  Rain means pasta to me so that’s how I started things off.  Taking myself out to dinner alone, at some place nice, is a new pleasure.


Kirtan is call and response chanting.  It’s really just singing and the words are round and bouncy in your mouth.  Remember that feeling of community you got singing A Hundred Bottles of Beer on the Wall on the bus, coming back from camp?  Sorta kinda a lot like that.

Tornado Potato

If I see a food truck, I have to stop.  These were like homemade potato chips on a stick and the topping we got, cheddar cheese, was like the powdered cheese from Kraft Mac n Cheese.  That colour too!

Dinner with friends

I’ve been wanting to go to here for a while.  The food was great, the company superb.  Although, weirdly, it was on strip of car dealerships.  Who’da thunk?

Havana candle from Archipelago

This candle smells warm and sweet, perfect for a rainy day.


Jasmine Green tea from Intelligensia. They make great coffee and they make great tea and now that there’s three locations (Silverlake, Pasadena & Venice — that must be where the hipsters congregate), there’s no excuse not to go. Bird says it reminds her of the tea growing up in England.


There’s not much in my fridge right now, but there is champagne. Just in case there’s a need to celebrate. Like right now. Why not?

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