Doncha Love…

Doncha love dessert?

…having dinner with good friends?

…trying a new place? Tonight I had dinner here. Yes, you should go (it’s worth the drive), bring friends who like to eat and share plates.

…grey and rainy days? It’s a great excuse to cocoon. Do nothing.  Or something.  Or venture out to the movies! Even better if it’s a double feature.

…when someone else drives?

…getting ready to go out? I love getting ready, whether it turns out to be the best part of an evening or the prelude to even better times to come.


…lingering at the table after a meal because you’re having so much fun, no one wants to leave?

…the smell of fresh paint? My bathroom’s going from this to white. White feels more modern and clean and basic and simple. It’s also supposed to be better for my feng shui.

…when friends come over to visit? Expected or unexpected, I love visitors.

…and bring their kids?  This may be the only reason I’m jealous of Angelina Jolie, the gaggle of kids.  Also, the ingenuity of tattooing the longitude and latitude of their places of birth on her arm.  I love that.

…wine in the middle of the day? Rose is a master of finding a reason to break out a bottle. Today feels very Chardonnay is a good one.

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