If I Had A Million Dollars: Wishing

I wish I had a million dollars. Hot Dog!

Aren’t you always wishing for stuff?  Like I wish I could clap my hands and the laundry would be done or I wish it was Friday or I wish I could get a reservation for Ludobites or I wish this person in front of me would drive a little faster. I could go on but you get the general idea.  If only my wish would come true, all my problems would be solved and life would be…well…incredible.

Now, let’s be frank.  It’s not like a million dollars is gonna solve anything.  Hell, it’s not even a whole lotta money nowadays (though if someone wanted to foist it on me I might find some uses for it) but when you’re a kid that seems like it would pretty much set you up for life.  Anyway, it seems like there’s a whole lotta stuff that we all wish for and since daydreaming is a part of what I do everyday, what pretty much everyone I know does everyday, I’ve decided to share some of mine with you.  Even though I said this blog is going to be about enjoying today, this day, this very minute.  Because I can’t deny that, try as I might, wishing sneaks into my day.  Maybe my wishes are yours too. And though some of them won’t have anything to do with a million dollars, it seemed like, since we’d all had that particular wish at one time or another when we were kids, it was a good shorthand for talking about all sorts of wishes.   Of course, some of those dreams will definitely tally up at more than a million dollars but let’s just let that go for now.

Also, there’s some general creedence given to the idea that if you say your dreams out loud they’ll come true.  So let’s also think of this as an experiment.  Hell, I’ve bet money on less sure things.

*BTW, double points to anyone who knows the movie reference.  And if you don’t, you deserve to die.  Okay, I’ll take that back.  But, as punishment, you do have to sit down with a new box of Kleenex and a nice warm batch of chocolate chip cookies and watch this movie.  I don’t care if Christmas isn’t for another few months.  It’s classic for a reason.  And yes, you will cry like a teenage girl who just learned that Robert Pattinson prolly doesn’t bat for your team.  Just givin’ you a heads up in case that kind of waterworks means you’ll need to watch it alone.

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