Doncha Love…

me - bed

Doncha love bed?

…getting up early and knowing you can stay in bed for a while before you have to get up?  This works when you are alone (I like making tea or coffee and then letting it cool off on my nightstand while I catch a few extra winks) or with someone (some of the best conversations happen early in the morning.  And, of course, there’s mornin shenanigans.) (BTW, that ^ up there is me.)

…when you get home really late, worried you won’t find any parking and there’s a parking space right in front of your house?

…when you slip into your seat in the movies just seconds before the movie starts and you don’t have to sit through a bunch of trailers you’ve already seen?

…when there’s a half day at work?  It always feels like stolen time.

…when it’s a rainy chilly sorta day and your friend calls you up and suggests pasta and a bottle of red wine?

…that moment just before you start to eat when you know it’s going to be awesome?

…dessert?  Also appetizers.  I think that’s why I like Chinese food and sushi.  It’s all about surprising your mouth with little tastes and sensations of food.

…pizza eaten cold for breakfast the next day?  Actually, I love leftovers, any leftovers, cold for breakfast the next day.  Although, pizza and chinese food top the list.

…when somebody gives you a choice between two things you love equally.  This is what my friend Agate calls a high class problem.  Like when Gutrbal asked me if I wanted Peking Duck or Lobster.  Hellooo?  That was a kissable event.  People who can present these kind of dilemmas to you are people you should keep around.  They’re pretty much golden.  (note to Gutrbal: you pretty much do this all the time.  Consider that a public apology.)

…new shoes?

…driving the 10 going west really early in the morning playing “Here Comes The Sun”?

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