BITE Quotes

Monsters lead such interesting lives.
– Bugs Bunny

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The last of the summer lavender

The last of the summer lavender at the farmer’s market.
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Summer Darling

Summer Darling “My Reminder” (Official Video) from summer darling on Vimeo.

The Summer Darling video’s done.
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Scents of self


I have been wearing the same perfume, Coco by Chanel, since like forever.
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Rockin’ Ramen

I’m intrigued by David Chang’s (he of Momofuku fame) new publication, Lucky Peach, which promises to dig deep into one food topic in each issue, a method dear to my research-lovin’ heart.
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Is there anything better…


…than new shoes?
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If You Can’t Stand The Heat

Normally, if a guy’s got a tat and he’s wielding a big knife, I’m booking it in the opposite direction.
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The smallest thing can make the biggest difference

Unlike New York, Los Angeles kitchens don’t come with appliances so, when I moved into my apartment, I needed a stove and fridge. I bought the stove from the previous tenant; I inherited the frige from Garbo when she moved to New York.
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How Do I Get There From Here?

In the best of all possible worlds, I’d always be traveling or planning to travel or just coming home from traveling.
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Red Light Green Light One Two Three

A few months ago, coming home after a day of thrifting in Palm Springs with The Brick House, Bneato and Elle, I got a red light camera ticket.
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