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Woo hoo!  Spontaneous road trip!   I love unplanned adventure.

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Yesterday, Little Oxlox lost her mother.  Losing a parent is unmooring.

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B.I.T.E.: Weekend Pleasures

It threatened rain all day yesterday.  I like LA when it’s cloudy.  Everyone bundles up like it’s early fall.  Then, after the rain, the air is clear and the city sparkles for a few hours and you can see the … Continue reading

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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Directions

I was driving downtown, on my way to meet a friend at someplace I’d never been before, when the GPS on my IPhone wouldn’t load. I knew I had to go straight for a while and then turn. But to … Continue reading

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B.I.T.E. Eats: Hooker Cookies

I collect chocolate cookie recipes.  Unlike most collections, they don’t gather dust.  In fact, these cookies may not even make it into the oven – the raw dough is that good - and once they are baked…well, you have been warned.

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Doncha Love…

…when dogs get that quizzical expression?  I’m always curious to know what they’re thinking.

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I did nothing yesterday.

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Ahhhh yes, a full tank of gas.  I’m ready for anything and anywhere.  Let’s go.

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Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About…Intention

Yesterday there was no day job to rush out the door to.  There was a slow padding across the house in socks to my new office.

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B.I.T.E.: Weekend Pleasures

My day job ended Friday.  It felt kinda surreal, like graduation.  The Ram made margaritas.  Cheap date that I am, I had to walk around for a while before I could safely get into my car.

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